Antonio Fernandez

Antonio Fernandez







Name:  Antonio Fernandez-Lopez
Date of birth: 02.02.1981
Education degrees: 1999-2005: MSc. Aeronautical Engineering (Polytechnic University of Madrid) | 2005-2009: PhD in Aeronautics (Polytechnic University of Madrid)

Professional experience:

  1. 2010-2013:         Associate  Professor  of  Composite  Materials  and  Material  Science  (Polytechnic University of Madrid)
  2. 2009-2010:         Program  Manager  on  EADS-Innovation  Works  Spain:  Responsible  of  Composite Materials R&D programs
  3. 2007-2009:         Researcher (Polytechnic University of Madrid)
  4. 2005-2007:        Research fellowship (Polytechnic University of Madrid)

Program manager from EADS-IW-S in the Spanish national founding projects:

  1. 2009-2010:         TARGET:  Tecnologías  Inteligentes  y  Mediambientalmente  Sostenibles  para  la Generación de Estructuras en Materiales Compuestos
  2. 2009-2010:         ICARO:  Innovación  en  Materiales  Compuestos  y  Optimización  de  Empennage  y Fuselaje posterior

    He has been researcher from UPM in the following European projects:
  3. 2002-2005 Project with European Space Agency on:' Multifunction fibre optic sensors for cryogenic reusable tanks'
  4. 2003-2006 EU project: BASSA (Bonded Adhesive Single Step Assembly).
  5. 2004-2007 EU project. ARTIMA (Aircraft Reliability through Intelligent Materials).
  6. EU project ALCAS (Advanced Low Cost Aircraft Structures)
  7. 2006-2009 EU project SHM in Action (Course on SHM prepared by 7 european universities).
  8. 2011-2015 EU project SARISTU ( Smart Aircraft Structures).

Other facts

  1. Author of 9 publications referenced at EI-Compendex, and about 17 Conference papers, during the last ten years
  2. Secretary of the Master Course EADS-UPM on Composite Materials.
  3. Spanish contestant in the SAMPE European Contest (Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering)
  4. Social Council UPM Award for the research on "Hybrid system PZT-FBG for damage detection on composite materials"
  5. Long-time stays on the University of Siegen (Germany) and the University of Tokyo (Japan)

He can be contacted at: