ETSIAESchoolWhy choosing us?

For our Educational Offering

We are the sole university centre that offers the Undergraduate's Degree in Aerospace Engineering (GIA as per its acronym in Spanish) in five specialities, in other words, we offer specialised comprehensive education covering the entire aerospace spectrum: Aerospace Vehicles; Aerospace Propulsion; Airports and Air Transport; Navigation and Aerospace Systems; Aerospace Sciences and Technologies. The first two-year courses are common to all specialities, and then, you can choose. This Undergraduate's Degree confers on the holder, according to the speciality undertaken, to pursue the appropriate professional activities of Technical Aeronautical Engineer [Ingeniero Técnico Aeronáutico].

But if you are interested in air transport management, flight operations or air traffic control, we also have an official degree offering you the training you are looking for. The Undergraduate's Degree in Air Transport Management and Operations (GyOTA as per its acronym in Spanish) is the only degree in Spain to cover these three areas in parallel within the same degree. If the students opt for the speciality of flight operations or the specialty of control operations in their third year, they will complement their studies with practical training at an authorized centre agreed with the UPM to obtain the relevant license for airline transport pilot and air traffic controller, respectively. 

You will have the possibility to start postgraduate studies (master's and doctorate) without changing the centre. We have a wide offer of master's degrees, allowing to study the Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, the one granting the professional qualifications to undertake the regulated exercise to the occupation of Aeronautical Engineer [Ingeniero Aeronáutico], as well as other postgraduate's degrees specialised in more specific areas of the profession (space systems, air transport...).

In addition you can undertake a part your studies abroad, studying double degrees with renowned universities within the European aerospace field, or access to national and international mobility programmes (Erasmus+, SICUE-SENECA, Athens, Magalhaes, Vulcanus, Global E3...) thanks to agreements signed with more than 60 universities in 21 countries.