ETSIAEStudiesUndergraduate’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (GIA as per its acronym in Spanish)

Undergraduate’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering(GIA as per its acronym in Spanish) 

Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture

Duration of studies: 4 Years (240 ECTS Credits) 

Attendance conditions: On-campus education


  • Aerospace Vehicles
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Navigation and Aerospace Systems
  • Airports and Air Transport
  • Aerospace Sciences and Technologies. 

 Remarks: This Undergraduate’s Degree confers on the holder, according to the speciality undertaken, to pursue the appropriate professional activities of Technical Aeronautical Engineer (Ingeniero Técnico Aeronáutico), as regulated per Order CIN/308/2009, of 9 February.

Verification Date: 03/May/2010 (Verification Report)  

Modification Date: 20/Sep/2013 (Recognition of credits for professional experience)

Implementation Year: 2010/2011 - (University, Centres and Degrees Registry, RUTC as per the acronym in Spanish) 

Renewal of Accreditation: Compliance Certificate issued by the Universities Council 

European Official Declaration (Acreditación): EUR-ACE® Label

Suitable Applicant's Profile

Undergraduate’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering students have to be innovative and creative. They should be able to map theory and practice, and have ability for reasoning and mathematical calculation, with a spatial vision. A dynamic personality, curiosity and ability to integrate multiple elements and factors for a specific purpose will be highly desirable.