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ETSIAE'S own degrees

ETSIAE does offer its own degrees, supported by UPM seal, and which are organized independently or in collaboration with other entities or institutions, relevant in their corresponding field. Its purpose is to provide complementary education to official educational courses, in a more flexible manner and also adapted to social needs and demands.

Currently, we do offer an ETSIAE Undergraduate’s Degree called Undergraduate’s Degree in Air Transport Management and Operations (Gestión y Operaciones de Transporte Aéreo, GyOTA) and 5 different Masters’ Degrees covering a wide range of possibilities to complete your education despite of the fact that they do not provide direct access to the PhD programme.

Furthermore, you can find an extensive offer of ongoing educational courses that allows you to have in-depth knowledge related to specific aspects of the aerospace spectrum handled by the professionals of the sector.

Most of the courses are given by the UPM teaching staff as well as by teachers renowned in the specific field who join the faculty providing their valuable experience. 

These courses are the perfect complement for professionals who already work in the aerospace industry and want to be up to date with updated training, adjusted to the needs of the market in a specific subject.