ETSIAEStudiesOfficial MASTER’S StudiesMaster's Degree in Air Transport Systems (Máster Universitario en Sistemas del Transporte Aéreo, MUSTA)Programme Objectives

Programme Objectives

The educational objective of the Master's Degree in Air Transport is to prepare students for developing research and professional activity within the areas of airline management, design and operation of air transport infrastructure, systems analysis and architecture, and the operation and development of the Air Traffic Management.

In general, the objectives pursued by the Master's Degree will be:

Obj. 1.-To acquire the fundamental knowledge of applicable technologies in Air Transport Systems.
Obj. 2.-To develop ability to evaluate emerging trends within aeronautical activity.
Obj. 3.-To be able to analyse and evaluate those issues arising in air transport industry, from real-world data and real actors' interaction.
Obj. 4.-To acquire knowledge in main areas supporting air transport.
Obj. 5.-To gain experience through the application of knowledge in companies or organisations within the sector.
Obj. 6.-To be able to generally manage and technically manage research, development and innovation projects in aeronautical and space technology companies and centres.
Obj. 7.-To have knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the required legislation within the scope of Air Transport Systems.
Obj. 8.-To be able to undertake original research contributions to increase existing knowledge.
Obj. 9.-To be able to ensure and improve, both systematically and through the application of engineering principles, safety of air transport operations.